Serving people from Vietnam since 1983 - Phục vụ người từ Việt Nam kể từ năm 1983


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C.R.V Activities


Table tennis game

  Every Monday & Thursday from 10.00 a.m - 3.00 p.m at St Nicolas Church

Line Dance - Tai Chi

  Tai Chi exercise every Monday & Thursday from 10 a.m to 11 a.m
Line dance every Thursday from 1p.m - 2.30p.m at St Nicolas Church

Health Talks

  Once every two month from 11a.m to
12.00 p.m at St Nicolas Church.

In-door games

  Every Monday & Thursday from 9 .00 a.m - 3.00 p.m at St Nicolas Church

Outing trips

  Sea side - Buddhism temples in Birmingham and Kent - Eating out