Serving people from Vietnam since 1983 - Phục vụ người từ Việt Nam kể từ năm 1983


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Aims & Objectives



- To promote the relief of people in the Vietnamese community who are in needs, hardship or distress;

- To provide services with the object of improving the conditions and quality of life of Vietnamese community in east London;

- To enable interaction with other Vietnamese refugees communities in the UK with a view to promote and to preserve the tradition of Vietnamese culture;

- To advance learning in the community.


- To provide practical emotional support, counselling for the mostvulnerable group e.g. the elderly, special needs children, adult special needs, women.

- To provide advice/information sessions on welfare rights and other practical issues.

- To develop a good practice referral services, outlinning speccial needs for agencies dealing with Vietnamese speakers.

- To exchange information with other Vietnamese communities

- To run Mother Tongue Saturday School; produce a quarterly Vietnamese Newsletter; organise cultural events;

- To provide all levels of home care service, allowing the client to be in their home and involved in establishing, implementing and evaluating services.

- To support vulnerable people (aged 16 and over) in ways which promote independence, personal development and community participation.